Top 10 Electric Scooters and Smart Mopeds (2018 Models and Prices Reviewed)

Riding a bicycle is a fun and healthy activity. However, what if getting to your final destination without breaking a sweat and becoming all gross is key? In that case, one of the options that you have is riding a compact and super maneuverable moped scooter. This type of transportation is becoming more and more popular due to the possibility to reach any corner and some models not even requiring a driver’s license.

Since we are fans of electric vehicles on this channel we would like to review the best solely electric models that are not only matching all of the major criteria of a standard scooter, but surpass them in terms of briskly acceleration, zero noise and zero emission, so every last corner of your downtown should be within your reach, even if emission regulations are in place.

Electric vehicles reviewed in this video:

xkuty ebike:

Xkuty One is an electric sit-down scooter that is both designed and produced in Spain. The vehicle is already on sale and its base price is around $3,500.


Me is Italian style electric scooter priced at $5,500. It is designed to transport one to two people and has a weight limit of 440 lbs.

Niu M1Pro Electric Scooter:

Niu M1 is a new smart and modern lightweight electric scooter. Its more powerful model, Niu M1Pro costs around $2,500.


The Be.e is an electric scooter made from hemp, flax, and bio-resin. It comes with a 600 W charger and costs around $8000.


Gogoro 2 that saw the world for the first time in the middle of 2017 and could be called the smartest scooter of them all.


What makes the Unu any different from the sea of other mopeds out there? Well, it is electric, it is beautiful and it gets delivered to your doorstep in a single all-in-one box.

Askoll ES1:

This scooter has been on the market since 2015 and has proven itself to be a reliable means of daily transportation, when there is nowhere to rush.


Please welcome Australia’s first electric scooter, its name is Fonz, engineered and manufactured by the Sydney based company Fonzarelli.


Nito Nes is a beautifully designed Italian style electric scooter with a start price of $5,500.

Torrot Muvi:

The company behind this scooter has a pretty long history of manufacturing bicycles and mopeds. They are currently headquartered in Spain with an operational office in the US.


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  1. As usual, toys for wealthy people ! Unreasonably High Street Prices ! These bikes will not be adopted en masse until the street price comes in at a reasonable level most peoplke can afford ! (Circa $990.00)

  2. I say this are just scooters and no mopeds. A moped is like Yamaha DT 50 for example. Scooters are looking like rolling toilets.???

  3. I'm going to check these out. I have yo find one that can handle the big hill in my neighborhood. It's a one mile, 700 ft elevation.

  4. the max speed of the unu is 45km/h, not 30 km/h …. and it depends on the country.. in fance its up to 60km, in the netherlands 25km/h

  5. need biggest yet least footprint.
    i mean as big as possible to max range and power, but as compact as possible to not worry about being misidentified as regular motorcycle.

    later in life i would love to have these in my home:
    electric unicycle super compact 40kmh 100km
    electric kickscooter compact 50kmh 100km
    electric folding bike fair 40kmh 60km
    electric motorcycle scooter heavy 80kmh 200km
    electric car super heavy 150kmh 500km

  6. expensive…………. in india hero motors are leading e bike maker… i am using PHOTON model its on road price is nearly just 750
    USD………… isn't it amazing………..

  7. Why do they all have look this weird the only one I liked a bit was Fonz. Here in India we have Hero Photon/Optima and it looks much better than any of these. Why can't these emakers just think like Tesla, smart and still attractive.

  8. Whether it's a bicycle or a scooter, there's something about an electric power system that seems to make designers loose the plot.
    These things are hideous!

  9. the spanish Xkuty-designer should be smacked with the italian me bike (also ugly)
    (Unu and Fonz are horrible too…ugly front fender…)

    N1S PRO from China is the best

  10. The future is coming, in spite the efforts of Big Oil and its backers (like the Queen of Holland, a principal shareholder of Royal Dutch Shell).
    E-Bikes have fast acceleration, low noise, no emissions, very low maintenance. Better models have high top speeds. Bike 1, the Gogoro has swappable batteries and charging stations all over Taiwan. The Gogoro therefore, has the same non-stop functionality as a gasoline/petrol scooter.

  11. scooter motors at idle can do the same thing just put a belt on the motor with a big wheel and a small one on the generator and the transform for amperage step up and you will get 1000 km good luck.

  12. hey use the motor to turn a generator then add another motor afterwards may require a transformer but it extend the battery when used with a big wheel on the old motor to turn the 30 magnet two rotation generator with a 14 inch pin. remember to battery now runs on the tiniest trickle to turn the generator for maximum battery longevity. it will make a best 1500 km out of 15 km good luck. you can also use ebike motor to get best result. stick generator (it looks like a glass bottle laying on its side and it spins as easy a rollerblade.) you may need a transformer to step up amperage for the scooter motor. good luck and may you ride a long time.

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