Top 10 Electric Classic Cars and New EVs with Retro Design

Electric cars are often criticized for the unconventional and even ugly looks, and by many accounts this is the major reason why EVs are not going mainstream. So to play it safe manufacturers and auto workshops have decided to take inspiration from classic car designs and either build brand new or convert old models into electrified retro beauties.

After all, classic designs cannot be called ugly, can they? In this episode at #AutomotiveTerritory we will be showing you the most successful and visually stunning examples of electrification.

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Classic Mini Electric:

To make a statement that they are hard set on producing electric vehicles, the British manufacturer Mini has showcased a classic design model with an electric powertrain.

Evie from Mercury:

Mercury is a New-Zealand’s renewable energy company that has recently converted a 1957 Ford Fairlane to showcase the power of energy.


Microlino is a super tiny city electric car based on the 1956 BMW Isetta that is aiming to revolutionize personal transportation.

Volkswagen Buzz ID:

Many of the electric cars from the list are only limited production showpieces, however, the VW Buzz ID van has been officially confirmed and will be released in 2022.


Retro EV is a two-door, two-seater coupe or convertible with a 120 hp electric motor and a 22 kWh battery based on classic MGA models built during 1955-1962.

VW Beetle from Electric Classic Cars:

The Electric Classic Cars is the Wales, UK based company that specializes in conversion and custom building of EVs and is most known for their modification of retro Porsches and VW Beetles.

LUKA EV 2018:

LUKA EV 2018 is a compact all-electric 2-seater with retro design, 186-mi range, and a $34,000 price tag.


Beautiful 3-wheeler with the design inspired by 50’s classic cars with the all-wheel drive system, 136 miles of range and fast charge support.

Electra Meccanica eRoadster:

All-electric drivetrain version of Intermeccanica’s Speedster, based on the design of a 1955-1959 Porsche 356 Speedster.

Zelectric’s all-electric Porsche 911 Targa: zelectricmotors

Based in San Diego, Zelectric is among the world’s most known classic cars conversion shops that give a second life to retro vehicles by swapping old engines with state of the art electric powertrains. Their Porsche 911 Targa is among the most recognizable builds.


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  1. The range of modern electric cars is quite scarce, so if current models do not satisfy your needs in terms of looks or you are used to more classic designs, there is a choice for you. Here are 10 innovative electric cars that have amazing retro design of the exterior and the interior. Which one do you like the most?

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