LG V40 Impressions: 5 Cameras on a Phone?!

LG V40 (ThinQ) is official and it definitely has more cameras than your current phone. But why? MKBHD Merch: http://shop.MKBHD.com Video Gear I use: …


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  1. I didint really found the DAC on V30(My friends) that good compared to other external DAC (My headphones are Sennheiser PXC 550)
    Compared to other device yes it sounds better but not much
    Still a good phone which will be overshadowed by other phones in same price range

  2. I've had an LG phone (G4, V10 and now V30) for the last 4 years and I'm giving up on these mfers. From boot looping to lack of updates. I can't stand LG anymore.

  3. I bought the V30+ and honestly it is amazing especially after the latest update. Long battery life and excellent manual camera controls.

    No one has done an updated review on the v30+… it's a hidden gem.

  4. That ugly one sided, non-central ear piece pretty much tells how distracted and non-serious LG is (was) about building this phone. I mean seriously, are we really gonna ignore the fact, no matter what you call it, how many cameras it packs, at the end of the day…. It is a smartPHONE

  5. This phone looks absolutely incredible. With the exception of the (r.i.p.) removable battery, it legit seems like a mixture of the LG v10 and LG v20, all wrapped up into one.

  6. Don't want to sound like a Samsung Fanboy, but the Note9 (heck even the S9) crush this phone.
    I hope LG starts innovating again some day.

  7. I tweeted to LG asking them not to put a notch on the V40, and they replied saying the voices of their customers would be heard… funny how that went. Lol.

  8. So this is the phone we've been asking for but will anyone buy it because it's an LG are LG's Flagship capable? I prefer my pixel XL to my mom's G6 the G6 does not seemed refined enough

  9. Boom box speaker as in singular? Damn it Lg. I tried it on the g7 and its annoying. Vibrates in hand like crazy. Mono, distorted. Was waiting for this phone. I'm out…

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