Bitcoin Q&A: CVE-2018-17144 vulnerability

What is the CVE-2018-17144 vulnerability in the Bitcoin Core client? How did such a critical bug happen? What should we do about it?

Please see the following about upgrading your node to the latest release; alternatively you can find various backported releases with the vulnerability fixed:

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  1. I got question. What would happen if a government decided to through billions of dollars to build a mining farm. How hard would it be for say the us to through a trillion dollars at a mining farm to make themselves above the 50% of the network. What is in place to make sure that doesn't change bitcoin? Uncle Sam spends billions if not trillions just to spy on us what happens if they turn that against bitcoin?

  2. BCH dev found it, even divided Bitcoin is still the most anti-fragile thing that exists. Finanical tribal anymocity of some prominent bitcoiners is counterproductive

  3. Andreas is my hero but I don't think his closing remarks were right. He said this didn't kill Bitcoin; it only made it stronger. Um, yeah but that's because the bug wasn't exploited. Imagine if the programmer that discovered it quietly took it to Chase Bank CEO Jamie Dimon. Andreas could have conceded we almost saw Bitcoin go to zero.

  4. Wouldn't test driven development (TDD) with solid code coverage have exposed this bug when the associated optimization was introduced? Do C++ programmers just not have TDD in their culture?

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