Trey Songz – SmartPhones [Official Video]

TRIGGA Reloaded Available Now! Download: iTunes: Google Play: …


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  1. Yes I enjoy the music part, but aren't the lyrics and video such a joke? This is joking with the whole idea of normal relationships, with monogamy. How does one pretend to love his partner and have a night stand with three women one night? I don't get it.

  2. I remember when I was younger how I use to think all women were innocent, young princesses that could do no wrong, until I graduated highschool….

    Women cheat just like men. The goal in love is to find someone who will NEVER play with your emotions….

    I know it hard, but they are out there folks….

  3. He aint even cute 1: im 10
    2: my crush is August aslina and last bc rapper boys cheat and if he cheated on me he would. Be partly dead oh and the chick i would drown her ass

  4. I listened to this sooo many times when i fucked up with a woman… I still listen to it and it brings memories of the past but im soo glad i matured and left that cheating shit in the past… I have a beautiful loyal woman with me now… I'll never make that mistake again ????

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