Top Foldable Smartphones Concepts 2018, iPhone X Flex,Galaxy x, Moto Razr v4,Huawei Mate X

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  1. Gee I want that Samsung but I'm gonna wait about 2 years and buy used one under $300 usd. I bought 150usd used Samsung Galaxy S5 4 years ago on eBay and still works fine. Gonna use my Galaxy S5 another few years til used Samsung X drop down to under $300. hihi

  2. I sure hope the Galaxy X is done just like the concept form, and built tough. A screen fingerprint reader, and hide the camera for the front under the screen to make it seamless. If they can do all of that and make it water proof along with the fold-ability. I will buy it. It also needs to have a stylus so you can use it as a note….BOOK. ?

  3. Samsung is THE LEADER of foldable cell!!!!!!! Innovators They have been talking about a foldable cell since 2011….every1 else followers

  4. Apple copies off of sumsung hard for real. Apple plan to let sumsung galaxy x to come out and then they would steal sumsungs fall proof and water proof flex able phone. No lie apple always steals Samsung real technology parts for real. Like if you really agree

  5. Hopefully the Samsung galaxy, iphone or Huawei foldable device will come with the stylus pen just like all the note series.. I will definitely buy though with exclusive price. The design as for Samsung galaxy X is the most desirable.

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