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  1. I'm sorry. Mario odyssey is way better than BOTW. I must be the only person on the planet who didnt enjoy zelda. I tried so hard to like it, but it was so boring.


    What the fuck way to make a new listener close out a video most of the way through. Fortnite and Minecraft aren't bigger than Mario.

  3. Hot take: I actually love fallout 76 I've mostly been playing single player and Am waiting to replay in multiplayer. I don't think it's perfect or anything but it's simply fun. It feels like fallout but online and it feels like what a video game should fundamentally be, about actually playing and doing things and being creative. Story focused games are great but at their core aren't videogames about actually playing them?

  4. GTA 5 is the game of the decade. When I think about game of the decade, it's a mix of high critical acclaim, massive popularity with the public, and it does something to drive the industry forward. GTA 5 is all of those things. It's online mode wrote the book for games like fortnite it's just that the monetization is different. GTA online is constantly updated and supported and this model has been replicated to great success.

  5. Around 1996 I think Sega published games like Sonic CD, Virtua Fighter, Panser Dragoon, Bug!, & Three Dirty Dwarves on the PC. A few years later Sonic Pocket Adventure would come to the NeoGeo Pocket Color

  6. My switch is never docked, I usually just get the game for PS$ if I know I want to play it on a TV. Like Justin I totally look at my switch as a 3DS replacement, that I can wire into my TV like a PSP if I wish.

  7. Pachter should not be referenced anymore. He just doesn't seem to have any credibility. He says whatever he wants and people just eat it up. He's the slow news day go to for a lot of sites, podcasts, and blogs. I know that's kind of the point of the segment, but I'm just tired of hearing his name.

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