Bitcoin & Crypto Price Predictions 2019 – New All Time Highs Coming Soon ?

Bitcoin and cryptro prices could reach new all time highs in 2019 according to an analyst at Weiss rating. What are the reasons?


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  1. Oh lark ,wish the video wasn't quite so long. It's killing my data allowance.
    Oh and it would be wonderful if Bitcoin went back and forth from $5 to 30k every month.pipe dreams

  2. •The trend is bearish
    •Baakt delayed
    •TZERO parent company Overstock getting destroyed in the market and Surrounded by FUD
    •51% Attack against top 20 crypto
    •regulation still unclear
    •little to no infrastructure
    •little to no adoption
    •highly speculative asset in an uncertain and potentially topped out macroeconomic environment.
    •Tech – interfacing/UX – normie usability still being figured out.

    I’m long on the corn but Im building cash position and WAGERING that the bottom isn’t in yet

  3. Damn, I got another huge lot of airdropped CRO tokens just for holding MCO tokens on the app
    Over 5 to 1 ratio airdrop once per month for 5 years, that's 60 airdrops for free.
    While you're at it, order their MCO Crypto Visa card, soon to ship in the USA and EU

  4. You can even go from gold to fiat to crypto. Then send it to the other side of the world and trade back to fiat then back to gold again without having to send the gold. Western u ion would make a huge proffit for sending ten grand to a country on the other side of the globe.

  5. I think 2019 will be spent mostly with wide gyrations between 3000 and 6000. Then, the market is likely to enter a long sideways consolidation. I don't see another bull market until 2020.

  6. About the 2018 outcome of the bitcoin price: most of the people remained extremely traditional in their fearful and / or cognizant dissonant market behaviour; The Bitcoin platform hasn't succeeded (yet) in getting people to exit from the fiat-like trading market systems, unfortunately. Maybe this year will be better, mayby thereafter. But it is what it is, currently. But you better think, idk.

    People still have to learn Bitcoin is an independence platform by value and design for peers; all the rest is second to that, whatever electrical, marketing, trading, or price discovery energy will be spent on it.

    Designing for independence should be and should have been rewarded in terms of monetary value increase of bitcoin units on the platform. Contrary to that it appears that only the 7 financial network effects, as summized by Trace Mayer, have been overwhelmingly overshadowing the actual value of Bitcoin which is an independency facilitating plaftorm, primarily .

  7. As a december 2017 starter, 2018 was a bad year for the price.. but a good year for learning trading… learning to take small profits.

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  9. ZelCash is profitable. Up 40% in 7 days. 120-150 a day for me. Regular going over 1000 sats. Really good project. Nodes being released the end of the month. A multi asset wallet ZelCore. They will be releasing a DeX and dApps this year. Great community. Its going places ???

  10. It is good that 2019 started well in the market. BTC I agree is a strong store of value. It is still the one that is most decentralized and original to the vision of crypto. Holding strong, dispute what others say. Do you think it still good to always buy into BTC? for long term and peer to peer future? as always loved the video, good work, Sincerely JR

  11. I’m not expecting a new ATH until 20/21 but it has to be noted that if BTC goes to $6k this year that is +50% from today and most banks pay circa <1% interest on deposits. 50% is huge and realistic for those invested for the tech and believe in Bitcoin, new ATH will come for those with patience.

  12. Bitcoin will live on, but it will be regarded as the 'rich man's investment'  in a few years.  The rest of the world will 'move into' multiple crypto currencies, and we'll have nationality in currencies as before but things will definitely change.  LIke— Hooray…no more of those damn exchange booths at airports that rip you off just for exchanging currencies.

  13. Lark, an outsider's perspective regarding you in your own personal bubble. Lately, I do feel you're a little biased/blinded towards Ripple and Stellar and a little less so, Cardano. Just in the way you talk about them. I realise why and it's not out of shilling you're just attached to them because of how much you follow the projects. Just a 3rd parties perspective for you to maybe give you some calibration.

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