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  1. Hey all! My review of Night in the Woods published last year, but we decided to do a video for the launch of the Switch version.

    I hope you enjoy this game as much as I did! -Chloi

  2. I think I got this game during a steam sale after seeing it on an award something or other. I never bothered with it until last night and I’ve been on it 5 out of the last 24 hours. Holy smokes. Didn’t expect this from a cartoon cat with dialogue game. Next up maybe: Kentucky route zero

  3. I loved the characters and the art, but the story was rather anticlimactic and I wish it stayed out of politics and religion. It does have pro liberalism/socialism and anti Christian elements if that matters to you.

  4. my favorite game of all time. perfectly executed IN EVERY WAY. i am just sitting here trying to explain all the things in my head,, but i just cannot explain how perfect it is. i feel like i am one of the only really tough reviewers who would give this game a SOLID 10/10. i have never given a game that rating before and most likely will never again. also i think the pacing is just fine, unlike a lot of people do. i really never got tired of the atmosphere and the pacing was just enough to keep my attention while progressing quickly as mae was trying to move quicker towards her goal, just like real life.

  5. Haven't played this yet, but the review was nearly unbearable to listen to. Clearly reading a pre-written review, rather poorly, with no vocal inflection, or variations in tempo or tone made it monotonous and unlistenable.
    The way she says "20 to 30 somethings" was like she didn't understand what she was reading, she put the emphasis on the wrong part of the sentence because she was mindlessly reading as quickly as possible without any hint of interest or sincerity.
    Please read more naturally and sound like you actually care, it'll make reviews much more enjoyable to listen to!

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