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  1. it is real but if they don't make their 32 million goal the will not make it it will ship to all countries(30 $ if you don´t live in us or uk) but only those who support the campaign can get the phone. if they don´t make the goal you will get your´e money back so if you really like this phone i would get it and in is on only 695 $ now.

  2. Interesting concept , and compelling features and internal hardware . However the phone will not sell if it looks like that , fact. Examples HTC one and Iphones selling points are -they look good.

  3. I hope canonical gets into the smartphone buisness because this is a truly impressive phone with amazing specs. And if they can make it relativly affordable it would be even better.

  4. Wow people in india are in need of help because of the flood and people are spending their cash to get a phone production started….

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