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  1. The reason is simple.. company arrogance.

    PS2 sold well and then the PS3 suffered in the beginning
    Same thing for Xbox
    Xbox 360 sold well and then the Xbox One suffered

  2. They got greedy. The pricing was the problem.

    Also, they got rid of the backwards compatible because there's no money when people replay their old PS2 games. Which is why they ingeniously made the classic PS2 games downloadable.

  3. They hopefully learned not to release some buggy as hell half assed attempt at "technological greatness" like Fractured, who could possibly remember the impossible to play MAG or Resistance 3 for crying out loud just make greatness not suckle the money cows teet

  4. Ultimately I think it's good that both Sony and Microsoft have "failed" at some point in their history. Because this means that we're more likely to get a better product in the PS5 and next Xbox respectively.

  5. PR BS: “quality above all” as if PS3 was not a quality hardware. To be clear, PS3 was the most ambitious piece of hardware Sony ever made!
    “Embrace new ideas” as if the games released on PS3 were not innovative enough. Sony exclusives on PS3 were all about new ideas!
    “People want to play” as if Sony did not know this when they released PS3 and they made the console just for fun!

    Perhaps, the most valuable lesson they learned from the PS3 era was that selling people on a 600 dollar console is not an easy task at all!

  6. "And worst of all, if you remember, was the price point."
    Yet they started making PS+ required to play online (PS4)…
    If they make the PS5 backwards compatible and drop the PS+ requirement to play online, than they know that they will sell the PS5 damn well…

  7. All we want is perfect backwards capability 4K 60 4K blue ray Drive. We definitely will need a 2 terabyte hard drive. In just like PS3 should be able to download movies in MP3's day 1. does anyone think that the PS5 will be able to hit 8k Some how that's really Next Generation right?

  8. Hey IGN why are there no longer links to the same article/video on your webpage here in description? You guys dont like more traffic? How/Why did that stop happening?

  9. Wow…they actually hit all the main points and admitted guilt. It really shows too, with how well the PS4 is selling. Ok now just make the PS5 backwards compatible so we all buy it in its first year.

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