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  1. I use XZ1C after my P20 Pro die, and Sony do very good job on his smartphone the the build quality is superb I feel like I have serious product in my hand instead of kitty, only the camera side is to work

  2. It's crazy a major company like Sony can be so blind. I really don't understand why Sony does not make a serious Hifi Walkman phone, just for a start. And then drop these gigantic top and bottom bezels. You can get 150$ smartphones that looks far better. I used to love my w850 back in the day and later the nw-a847, a fabulous sounding Walkman even though it was using Chinese. language only. Since then I have never considered buying Sony. Now I am happy with my LG V20.

  3. I actually like their design at least it stands out than all the rest that look so similar these days and are rounded like 360.
    I've used original Xperia Z and really like it, now I use regular Galaxy S6 and doubt I'll get a Samsung phone next. I have my eye on new Xperia 1 it looks very good, has actual more standard aspect ratio also nothing that eats the display!

  4. Used xperia Z, then Z2 then Z3 and now XZ1. Every phone kept speed and battery life like day 1. Super reliable and elegant. Marketing department fucked up hard. Now Sony mobile is no more in my country and I will have to get a Samsung which will downgrade in performance over time 😢

  5. sony smartphones have always been the one brand that appeals to me no other brand does the xperia z1 was the best smartphone i've ever owned and it has personal value to me now, the z ultra was the most beautiful phone i've owned, i have a hard time letting go of my xz1 as all other p hones have curved screen corners or curved screensides, sonys mobile bravia engine or super vivid mode also destroys any other phone on the market in my eyes, my xz1 has a better screen than the s9+ just for that software enhancement where even samsung displays are dull and washed out in comparison, not to mention the extremely sleek design that they sadly got rid of slowly going back to with the 1 though, but the 1 is still too curvy for me to have to want it as past models, my xz1 is perfect to me i still treat it like a baby just like when i first got it because i love this phone and no other phone is good enough to replace it to me, and i've tried so many that ended up being returned for the worse screens or those stupid screencorners, the xz1 has a metal body that wraps around the entire thing meaning theres no gaps just a black matte black finish, only gripe i have with it is that the top and bottom is plastic which is where marks have started to show where the rest of the phone looks brand new still, i feel the 1 is a good replacement but i still have a difficult time letting go of the xz1 because i can't thats how much i love it.

  6. I am a Sony fan and I wish they won't stop selling phones, there phones are actually pretty good, even better than competitors in some aspects….except MARKETING.

  7. Camera department. They sell well camera sensors to competitors so they don't put good one in their phone. Hardware and software are not enough.

  8. sony too proud, don't listen to consumer hype or suggestions their innovation is one step behind from competitors (like dual camera, 16:9 ratio frameless or finger print sensor on screen) little inovation but high price too overprice *Sony users from Z1 Compact, Z3, Z4+ Z5 and lastly XZs

  9. It's all about the cool trends nowadays and sadly enough their smartphones haven't been part of that conversation for some time, even more so they still advertise like it's 2010 displaying just pretty clips with little tech information & no real life usability of the product ,just take a page off Apple & Samsung's playbook on how they advertise real life scenarios with their smartphones

  10. Sony made smartphones!? 🤔😂 I remember the Sony Ericsson w600 orange swivel action phone. Replaced it twice in a month. Never thought of Sony again

  11. In my opinion they have some of the best designed phones rn with the squared off corners and simple design but they’re skin for android is atrocious and having to buy unlocked full retail is a tough pill to swallow not knowing if that particular device will be supported for more than a year. The new super wide screened phones they have to offer were unique and I wanted one til I saw the price for what you got and I’ll stick with my very fast and capable iPhone XR.

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