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  1. You're going end up getting clumps of dirt stuck on the phone where the magnets are and then when you close the phone you're going to inbent them into the screen and so you're going to end up with spots that are really scratched where the magnets are, this phone looks like a gimmick, a really cool, expensive gimmick.

  2. Am I the only one that didn’t like it at all? Man, that’s REALLY ugly and crap! I’m sorry but LOOK THAT TINY DISPLAY ON FRONT, and I cost more than $1.500!!!! YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME, SAMSUNG.

  3. I just don‘t unterstand this huge notch on the inside!! For what? you can take selfies with the closed screen! ooooff. this notch is horrifying, even worse than the Pixel 3 XL‘s one

  4. Again, extremely poor and uninteligent design. (not the fact that its foldable, uninteligent design for a foldable phone)

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