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  1. Backwards compatibility confirmed!!!! They only mentioned PS4 now, I still hope those patents saying it will have backwards compatibility for all of the previous consoles are true. If they're not oh well.

  2. Just imagine a PS5 remaster of Killzone 2 using the latest version of Guerilla Games' Decima Engine with ray tracing enabled.

    *Wipes sweat from forehead* Good lord∽

  3. I bet Microsoft will get a head start this generation. I think they will release their box mid 2020 and when Sony release PS5 in 2020 holiday season, Microsoft will slash the price. I'm getting both.

  4. no early adopters either. overpriced hardware and game's again too. I'll wait till slim or ultra version again.
    Plus PlayStation New exclusives and sequel release dates again.. PS4/3 and vita = satisfied and plenty of backlog game's too.

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