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  1. Dang it, well youtube already demonitized this video for having "WAR" in the title lol. Feel free to like this video so I can be happy knowing people enjoyed it! 😀

  2. All it needs is a left 4 dead style vs where a team is special infected. And also a big monster like a tank from l4d that turns up when it likes and this would be a 10/10

  3. Good review, but the point about the lack of checkpoints seems like a misunderstanding of what the devs were going for, or maybe they misimplemented it. Payday and L4D try to do the same thing.

  4. I learned my lesson on L4D 1 and 2. Since I work all the time, I don't get to game very much. Which means I have few friends to play with, forcing me to play with glory hungry randoms who play the game all day everyday, leaving new and inexperienced players in the dust to die. Granted, there are a few true team players, but too few for me to shell out $60 for a game I will hate because of other players.

  5. That is stupid that this video got demonitized . You might be able to get around that by abreviveting WWZ.

  6. I dont recall becoming "infected" as you speak of in your review…maybe you mean just dying or losing that match…? Also the swarm engine can handle up to I think 500 zombies spawned in at once not thousands. Overall though good review.

  7. "..sometimes I'll see these thousands and thousands of dudes running towards me, and i only have like four hundred bullets my clip."

    A nit-pick but its got to be corrected. 1st off there aren't thousands and thousands. Maybe several dozen. Second you dont have 400 bullets in a "clip". Its called a magazine. That big number is your pool of ammo. Above that is your magazine. Lol

    Love your videos but you've played enough shooters, seen enough movies and have the entire internet to figure that one out.

  8. sorry dude, I was planning on getting it regardless of how (you genuinely looked liked you were having) fun the game is (and I always welcome another L4D-like games. But, Epic game exclusive……no buy from me

  9. DG – great review. You have a pretty good way of reviewing without be over the top. Most YT gamers are pretty much full of shit and themselves. Your review was to the point and not a bunch of fluff. Refreshing.

    …and you don't have your face in the corner with you talking

  10. Hope there will be more campaign missions. Since 3 chapters is nothing, even on higher levels.
    But i love the game so far. Havent played pvp modes yet.

  11. The game is full of retards who dont know how to play video games. I am max level and no shit, there are level 2 players joining hard difficulties and they have no idea what to do.

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