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  1. This is highly similar to Zombie U multiplayer. I found Zombie U to make this type of game boring and slow. Capcom seems to have taken this style make improvements and slap resident evil on it as well. For everyone talking crap about this style of game this is something I have been waiting for because it's something a little more new to the table. Well done Capcom.

  2. I think capcom needs to know the charm of the Raccoon City. It has unlimited appeal to players. It is always a cool experience to escape in the city. What we need is an "outbreak", not a game like this; the outbreak can be made into a successful online game, each time a raccoon city area is updated, the player escapes in this area and eventually generates a complete raccoon city map. Please take a look at your precious game treasures, don't mess with it!

  3. You guys (not IGN) must HATE Raid mode in the Revelations series, because that's all this is, but a better version of it. Lol

    Sign me up (even though this should have been its own mode in RE2REMAKE)!

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