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  1. There is so much content on the internet regarding trading that it is overwhelming Mr Donald strategy gave me everything I needed and the perfect basic to begin trading, I really value his emphasis on minimizing risks because this is something I haven’t seen on any site or tutorials, it’s not how much you make. But how much you save for the future

  2. Dudu… have a glass of water ready when you are doing these things. every other video your body reminds you that you need to drink and you just ignore it and soldier on. It's not only annoying you. the interruption is the same, whether you clear your throat or drink a sip.

  3. Hash rate drop was because of a couple of 'difficult' blocks in a row, so a couple of blocks took much more than 10 minutes, which the graph interprets as a lower hash rate (combines block time with difficulty to estimate hash rate). 50% green energy: I don't believe that number. Would love to see a source. I assume the percentage of green energy Bitcoin uses is above average, but 50% seems way too high a number.

  4. Perhaps the hash crash might have been Bitmain (or some other miner) powering down a chunk of their operation so they could swap out a big chunk of their older slower ASICs to get ready to try to improve their earnings for when the lower block reward kicks in after the halving? I know I would be planning for that right about now if I were them.

  5. I heard hash rate dropped because Bitmain had to do a software update on a ton of their miners. Which explains why they were back up shortly.

  6. Honestly man just dont take what people say to heart, you will get moaners no matter what you do. Clear your throat and make it your trade mark. Be you and be proud.

  7. Clearing your throat is part of being human. Only Anal retentive people complain about such trivial things. They're the type that often find themselves alone. With that said, clear away TMI!

  8. So I’m heavily invested in XRP but I just realized I haven’t really invested in much else.. what crypto’s would you guys recommend for me to look into? Thank you y’all!

  9. Okay this is the first time I'm writing a comment on your videos. I really like your content I don't care if you're breathing too loud if you're repeating words if you are clearing your throat I still love your videos when I say I love your videos that means I really love them. You are giving me knowledge about cryptocurrencies and updates for free which I really really appreciate so don't worried about the haters just keep making these awesome videos and I really like your voice PS I am using voice to text

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