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  1. You know,I just hate the hate this game gets,the only problem there is,is basically that world 4 was a bit empty and that The camera wasnt perfect,people were expecting too much from a kickstarter game,and people also seem mad that this wasnt Banjo Thriee,people compare this game to stuff like mighty number nine and other bad games,people just hate this game because other people hate the game

  2. dang. I always remembers the Quiz section from banjo, great! it gave you a small break from platforming, offered some change in game play and served as a reminded of all the places you've visited and characters you met along the journey.

  3. The controls are really touchy, and the camera action is wonky. I admit I am not the best gamer in the world, but just a little twitch is all it takes to fall off of something.

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