Best Compact Smartphones (2022) | Top 10 Mini Mobiles

Best Compact Smartphones (2022) | Top 10 Mini Mobiles

Reviewing the best compact phones in 2022, small enough for easy one-handed use, and pleasingly mini to fit into any pocket or …


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  1. Hi, i'm from Iran and phones are expensive here. I had a problem choosing one of these phones (these are the only choices cause other phones are either unavailable or overpriced) in Apple between iphone 7 plus and iphone 8. In Android Realme GT ME 256GB or samsung A52 or a xiaomi phone(All of the xiaomi phones are available here)? Also screen is really important for me. I will be thankful if you can reply ❤

  2. xperia Ace 3 global release would be nice. Very compact and massive battery life, even if it's low end it would be an instant buy for me.

  3. Hey Chris, you're a bit tough on SE 2022… In the camera department it's great plus fantastic video quality. However, no night mode is a pity. And yeah, the battery sucks… Otherwise, nice phone, huh?

  4. The thing is though the iPhone SE2 Is te best selling phone of 2022 so far why ? Because old age pensioners love it , my uncle is 70 and he cant move onto a modern phone design , hes stuck in 2016 lol

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  6. I wanted to buy 13 mini, but my dad bought me Galaxy watch 4 which are not connectable with iPhones… So this video is realy useful, thank you <3

  7. Id be tempted by the xiaomi if it was defo waterproof. Looks like I'll have to hang on to my s10e despite it telling me weekly it's battery is screwed!

  8. Samsung s10e is a good compact phone you need to charge during the day but its on android 12 one ui 4.1 it's what I'm using now

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