I'm ADDICTED to Virtual Reality | Vegas Vlog

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  1. I just asked you on your insta stories if you’d edc a knife! That’s awesome haha, looking forward to the review! I’ve been trying the gerber tritip and it’s deff different!

  2. Great to see Roger again. Glad to see you're adjusting well to the changes you've had to make Talon. Also for a little while I edc'd a small Browning fixed blade in a leather sheath with white stiching. Honestly it doesn't feel any different than carrying a folder. Of course my Browning is about the same size as most of my folders.

  3. I didn't know trayvax made fixed blades! Ok so check this. I've EDC'd 3 fixed blades, the ka-bar milspec, the sog gambit, and the ka-bar TDI. I have the sog instinct on the way right now for tests and carry! Personally I think it looks like a fun fixed blade, check it out if you'd like you can find it on amazon or their main site I do believe too.

  4. I edc a fixed blade actually I lied I usually do two. Most of the time it’s benchmade soc p and CRKT obake sometimes a old timer sharp finger in place of the obake. I honestly love it, doesn’t bother me at all.

  5. Damn. Now I have to wait to see if QVO actually released the Trayvax Field Knife Kydex Sheath. I tried making one myself from Kydex I bought from QVO, but it turned out like crap. So definitely looking forward to a QVO version if it happens.

  6. Awesome vid. Ah for the EDC fixed blade – adjusting the cant angle of the blade would be nice. A downward draw is pretty quick

  7. Glad you discovered VR, I have several headsets myself – may I suggest to you the Oculus Quest which is a totally standalone wireless system that doesn't need a PC connection. You can literally take it on the road or go camping with it. The graphics are not quite as good as a pc headset since it uses a mobile chipset, but it is barely noticeable most of the time tbh, and still looks amazingly good https://www.oculus.com/quest/

  8. I'm absolutely gonna have to mention this to Roger too, by the way where the hell is the VR footage from Roger? He barely showed a few mins of this haha Glad you showed us more!!! I've been super curious about the VR. Back to the point tho, Dan looks like the manly version of my First cousin Cody Loper, I'm dead fucking serious man!!! Cody is fruitier than a $2 dollar bill and actually just got married to a guy Lol Don't take it the wrong way, I love him like a brother and would take a bullet for him!!! He's just super gay haha Unlike Dan Lol I'm not kidding, it's creepy how much they look alike!!! Cody doesn't have a beard tho. Go to my Facebook and search for Cody, you'll see!!!

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