Best Flagship Smartphones & Flagship Killers of 2019 – Our buyer's guide

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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW about the best phones of 2019 – tried and tested by GSMArena’s staff. Here are quick shortcuts to the phones featured in this guide: …


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  1. I would have to disagree with you on that abouts the flagships having better cameras. In my opinion the iphone 11 and galaxy s10 I found pictures not as detailed as my main handset which is the galaxy a70. The flagships have better dynamic range, but for detail, it's the a70 in my opinion.


    mi mix 2s
    lg v35 thinq
    mi 8/8 pro
    lg g7 thinq

    IMO are some still noteworthy SD845 new old stock phones to get and are 300 or under in the states on amazon
    verizon isnt a CDMA carrier anymore. they only accept LTE phones with voLTE and will shut down CDMA service entirely next year

    Just works

    dial #*#volte#*# for voLTE
    no voWiFi use your favorite app for VoIP like Duo
    VZW users use verizon messages for mms to just work or your favorite app
    no carrier video calling use your favorite app like Duo

    att is 2/4/5/12/14/29/30/66 – 12 being the major in US
    verizon is 2/4/5/13/66 – 13 is major in US
    tmobile is 2/4/5/12/66/71 – 4/12 for sure maybe 71???

    sprint im sorry 🙏 tried i didnt like you wont go back

    make sure you get a phone with the major band and use your current phone to check and keep note of your band at places you frequent. I go from 4 at my house to 12/13 at work.

    happy hunting/shopping

  3. Good one! I'm using S10+. Can you tell which are the three guys that have brought the Note 10/Note 10+? Also can you guys post an article saying which phone is each one of you using. Would be cool! Thanks!

  4. These are elegant spying devices, except for the fourth ugly one.
    The mi 9T pro is appealing but we don't have guarantee on update delivery unlike android one devices, same for realme x2 pro and i don't know for 1+7Tpro.
    No headphone jack and no sd card slot is a big no for me. Innovations is no more fast spaced so we can get a phone for like 3+ years as we see we go back in time with sealed batteries and less technologies (jack and sd and even fingerprint scanner on iphone) and harder to repair phones.
    State of the Art processor is not needed anymore as the user experience is fine with a SD636 now even with demanding encryption or gps application even medium pubg according to reviewers.

  5. Is the Galaxy Note 10 really that good? I feel like I didn't really get enough reasons behind why it's their phone of the year. What makes it stand out?

  6. Galaxy phones have average camera and not as good as iphones or pixels just can go toe to toe with OnePlus phones only interns of camera that's it.

  7. I just dont understand the point of this video… You already did your top phones on different categories… Also in the end you pick galaxy and iPhone like the best phones of the year like the biggest sheep lol

  8. I've used a Note 10 the other day, and nothing particularly came out as making it the greatest Android. It's a great piece of hardware, but that's it. Having used other flagships this year, they're great as well.

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