“Flagship Killer” Phones in 2020

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New phones like the Samsung Galaxy S20 have to compete against the cheaper phones on the market. These are my thoughts on flagship killer smartphones in …


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  1. All I want is actually dual os devices. So I can play Steam and Android games. I mean there is Bluestacks but it's not really the same with a real device. Actually, there already is but they are Chinese Language and also were made in 2017. SAMSUNG AND MICROSOFT PLEASE!!

  2. But that's the whole point of them (based on your example: Samsung) pricing it more than $1000 bucks now– so they'll still get a lot of money selling it for half its price.

  3. But the phones you gave the URL on Amazon, are not brand new. They are renewed and this is a way different story. It is been mentioned by the seller. Obviously they can't be compared with brand new S10

  4. Oneplus is amazing but if they produce a product that is as expensive as flagships from brand-name companies, I'm going to be sad. I have the 7 pro and it was perfect. Great price, great product.

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