HUGE Bitcoin Adoption News! [You Won’t Believe This]

HUGE Bitcoin Adoption News! [You Won’t Believe This]

Huge bitcoin news today! My Bitcoin analysis on this crypto news 2021 BYBIT TRADE BTC $600 FREE ▻▻ WEALTH MASTERY …


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  1. In words of Michael Saylor: You don't need sell your bitcoin ever, you just use it as collateral. In the near future, Bitcoin will be like to have a portion of land in Manhattan, so you will sell it by a fiat that depreciate every day? If you need money, use it as collateral but don't sell it.

  2. I don't chase after strippers. However, I will add an exemption the second one stripper pulls out her phone with a BTC QR code on the screen for me after a pole dance.. I will marry her.

  3. The reason Coinbase had no crypto on its balance sheet is because these exchanges do not sell real coins to customers. They sell "claim checks" (AKA derivatives) on coins. Then if a customer wants the coins he bought delivered to his wallet, the exchange has to go out and buy the coins. If coins are hard to get, the transfer to the customer's wallet may be delayed by a week or more! That is why no one should keep cryptos on any exchange. They are selling the same coins over, and over, and over again using the Wall St. model of re-hypothecation. Get your coins off the exchanges and store them in your own wallets folks! If you don't hold the keys you don't own them!

  4. "Ahhh . . . coffee & strippers & dirty dollars . . . "

    Oh, sorry, Lark. My mind wandered there for a second. Now what were you saying about bitcoin ?

  5. A cash flowing asset/ income producing property. Any asset I buy going fwd has to produce income. BTC has been amazing and I literally bought my first ada at .01(1200 ada lol..$12 worth) and my overall cost average for ada is .07 for 10s of thousands of ada so crypto has been great but not quite life changing for me "yet". Simply holding an appreciating asset doesn't do much for day to day life bc the tax liab for selling is severe! If I had a high paying job, or if my business made me tons of cash income I'd be set but I really don't make that much (under 100k yr) and my income is not buying as much do to $5 gas and everything else going up. My focus has been getting rich buying crypto but my new focus is how to realize those gains without paying most of it to the dead body formerly known as joe biden and king butthole gavin newsome (sob mfr ayehol ckskr bstrd ftard criminals) so they can fund the third world and move them into my fng neighborhood. I'm taking in less crypto pump videos and more education on tax avoision, as Kent Brockman would say, like Robert Kiyosaki and Mark Kohler and alike. None of the cryptos I hold have even hit their ATH during this pump so why would I sell now anyway? Also, I overtraded this spring, IMO, and shifted cryptos into other cryptos then they all went down. Now I hold too many alts and I'll be looking to rebalance and consolidate as they hopefully go up. ""BUT"" that means I'll have multiple taxable events for the same coins so I have to factor that into where I sell. Ex. I traded $3800 eth(I paid $100-300) for $35 avax thinking the air would let out of eth into coins down the list but they all crashed, lol.. Now my avax has to not only outperform eth but it has to do so at a rate that will cover TWO selling "taxable" events. Both the trade from eth to avax and realizing the gains of that avax are subject to short term cap gains tax. Maybe I should have just held the eth long term UNLESS avax far outperforms eth going fwd. I also traded ATH-eth for SNX, XTZ, DOT, ENJ and some low cap ADA ecosystem coins like C3, CARDS, GERO, COTI and a few more… I'm holding thousands in cash to pay whatever tax bill I have this year and it's gonna suck. So don't over trade!!!

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