How to Buy the RIGHT Smartphone!

How to Buy the RIGHT Smartphone!

You are buying the wrong phone! Yes, that’s right. Everyone these days is buying phones based on the chipset when there’s actually a lot of other important …


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  1. Hi Sir
    I am using iPhone 11 but planning to change device. I am waiting for Asus 8z from global launch but I think it will not come to india.
    Now I am planning for edge 20 pro. Can you please suggest.

    Note I always like clean android experience.

  2. Is it good buy google pixel 4a now , and i am professional user , my priority is display,calling and simple UI and does the battery back gives same like 4000 mah which will be in other brand smartphone

  3. Why no one dares to say that iphones are better for elders because they're nothing more than a basic /feature phone? Elders need less customizable and a phone with less features. Instead of saying that, these so called YouTubers say CLEAN EXPERIENCE, my foot.

  4. Please answer this query of mine ,I really really cant decide between motorola g40 fusion and redmi note 10s , former has lcd 120hz and later has amoled 60 hz , former has consistent 732g and later has g95 with heating and throttling issues , former has clean stock Android and later has MiUi . Please reply :') ,you said you would reply .

  5. market me jao to sbhi brands me 5G ki hod lagi he, how can you avoid. even i don't understand what is the us of 5G as of now… moreover important part is heating and battery life. i bought a Moto phone (one vison) 18 months ago. it just switched off and won't turn on. now i am moving streets to streets if there could be a way my data is wiped and recovered bcoz software update will erase it.
    the brand service can't do anything about it.

  6. I want to buy a gaming phone within 30k and hence waiting for right guidance so I don't mess it up while buying.. Any techies who can suggest one phone within 30k for gaming

  7. My one sentence will be more important than the entire video.

    " You can't get a mobile with all the above mentioned specs "
    If something has good software experience, then it may not have good processor or display or fast charging etc…
    If a mobile has great processor , it may not have great battery, or great display or etc…
    So whatever mobile you're buying in this world, you're going to get compromised on one or more things

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