Top 10 Best Tablets – Spring 2013

Top 10 Best Tablets - Spring 2013

Top 10 Tablets – Spring 2013: Our constantly-updated list of the best slates money can buy. Which is the best tablet for you? Find out here. For the full list, head …


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  1. its all about apple huh? surface pro 2 should be #1 Just Saying
    you cant beat a usb port on a tablet.

    the price doesent make a tablet lower on the list, this is the best tablets of 2013 not the best budget tablets of 2013 

    your suppost to be telling us what is the best not the most expensive 🙂

  2. Why didn't they put the new nexus 7 its got better everything and still is cheap and also feels very premium with a swayed feel on the back the old one was good but this one is a lot better

  3. Hannspree Quad Core 10.1" Tablet, 1280×800 10-point touchscreen with 16GB memory and 1GB ram  wifi ,blue tooth, mini usb ,mini HDMI  Android 4.1 jelly bean. Only $129 at Wal-Mart online. 11/27/13.

  4. Anyone who reads this comment must remember, it is based on opinion of which is the best tablet for you. Still, I like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 2014 edition!

  5. Guys. The Nexus 7 2013 is ALOT better than the iPad Mini. Just check some benchmarks. Futuremark for example. The nexus has about 3x times better hardware than the iPad mini.

  6. 0We have had terrific Android tablets that are far better than the iPad Mini. I mean, seriously. My fiancée has a 7 inch tablet with a quad core tetra 3 that we got at walmart for less than $130. How many cores does the iPad Mini have?

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