Activate Brand New Hidden Camera Feature on Select Samsung Galaxy Smartphones! (S22 Ultra, etc)

Activate Brand New Hidden Camera Feature on Select Samsung Galaxy Smartphones! (S22 Ultra, etc)

Update link here: Hey there, Saki here …


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  1. ❤️ Hermosa eleccion 4.FO/Elizeid de mejor

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  2. I have problems with my videos when I share them with my friends, some receive them dark and others lose resolution when I share them on Facebook or messenger.

  3. samsung is dominating on features again not so marketing but useful. but if they focus on pictures remastering or make photos pixilated to be a good quality a smarter and smarter one. and make it clear photos of small size picture.

  4. I have so many mountain, sky, nature pictures from living here in Iceland, but the software doesn't recognize a lot of them for this effect to work. Ironically it clicks on for pictures that have the sun in it which kinda defeats the purpose of the effect 🤷‍♂️
    At the moment it kinda gimky but I know this will turn out to be something really cool after a few updates. Thanks for the info Saki 👍

  5. You can also take a picture of a document and translate it in any language, open the picture in gallery, Press the eye icon then press the T icon… highlight the words… Translate, Cut and please 📖

  6. So I got my s22 hot off the press in Feb. went on vac to Tucson and took some pics of mountains, a couple of weeks ago i saw this icon and thought wow that is cool. Now that I've seen your video I tried googling it to see what it's called and can't find any reference to it anywhere.

    On another note, I've gotten some reasonably good pics with this camera only to just now find out that I haven't been using the 50 MP camera. It has to be activated in aspect ratio. Guess I'm just gonna have to take more pictures.

  7. More features can be added in single take. Dedicated long exposure modes are still missing in Samsung phones can be easily simulated using single take

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