ESPN Postpones Apex Legends eSports Footage After Politicians Blame Games For Mass Shootings

ESPN Postpones Apex Legends eSports Footage After Politicians Blame Games For Mass Shootings

ESPN has joined Walmart in feeding the propaganda of Republicans who seek to blame videogames for the problems they aren’t …


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  1. Jesus fuck I thought the gun violence "epidemic" was a sensationalised term, I didn't realise that it was literally an epidemic over there! Look at all those dates! What the fuck is the NRA doing?

  2. The last time my country had a mass shooting was in 2009 and none since, so you reading that list literally made me nauseous. We are big gamers as well. Somehow I think games might not be the problem. Just a guess.

  3. And if all video Games stopped being violent and guns were no longer available in ANY Games, Trump would try to blame ANYTHING else rather than take responsibility.

    Most likely he'd blame movies

  4. What most people dont know is that the weekend of the two shootings, in texas and ohio, over twice as many people were killed in just chicago. A state and city with one of if not the strictest firearms regulations in the country. But you dont know that because the liberal media wont bring it up because its a completely left wing run state and city. Their gun free utopia is in reality a dictatorship of forced victimhood on the innocent.

  5. The governments not your friend.. Your freedoms have to be protected. Everyone citizen should have the right to defend themselves.. because the police sure as hell won’t be protecting your family.

    I hope you realize an “eco fascist” has absolutely nothing to do with Republicans or conservatism.

    The most violent places in America are all Democrat run city’s.. There’s reasons for why that is.

    Violent crime and terrorism is everywhere.. If someone wants to kill people, it’s going to happen.

    You sound like the lying partisan hacks in the media trying to link that one shooting to Trump..
    (You might wanna read his entire manifesto before doing something so ignorant)

    There was a left wing terrorist who went out and killed innocent people because of the lies people in the “Democratic” Party and media are spewing.

    There’s lies spread by these people every single day.. and that’s actually radicalizing people.

    There’s so much more I could say about these topics.. You might feel like sticking to video games.

  6. You realize it’s a boomer thing right.. It’s not some partisan talking point.

    I still think it’s ridiculous.. but your assumption seems off. (Maybe your overall conclusion isn’t)

  7. 100% agree with your take. One reason Wal Mart jumped on the band wagon…. they have a Sporting Goods section that sells hunting gear. Need I say more? Any American that claims the current trend in violence is due to video games, I would like to point them to South Korea – the largest video game playing nation in the world….. how many mass sh00tings do we hear about there?? How about the UK? Japan?? This is so freaking depressing & frustrating. One thing I do know — EA & the like may have thought they dodged a bullet when the gambling regulation board of the UK said that loot boxes don't meet the UK's legal standard for gambling — but they are now back in the spotlight. Regulation IS in their future, just a matter of how soon. Though on a more positive note I am 50 and I grew up with video games, and occasionally still play a newer title… so this video game ignorance in general among the adult population is going to age-out in another 10 years. Like another poster pointed out… reminds me of the 50's & 60's when Rock and Roll was blamed for everything!

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