James Bond’s Last “Gadget” Phone: When Phones Were Fun (2006)

James Bond’s Last “Gadget” Phone: When Phones Were Fun (2006)

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  1. oh my, my favorite phone. brings back the memories, the excitement of unboxing it and best part of it all, it’s a birthday gift from my then girlfriend (now my wife). Got it in that shiny black version, this little gadget hook me more on the essentials of photography than it is a phone

  2. This was my first proper phone. I used to have old and cheap Nokias and Siemens phones that I got from my parents as a kid, but I saved up whooping £80 to get this phone, and was so proud of it.

    I was amazed by the stylish look, it’s OS with animated backgrounds, great camera and powerful hardware that allowed me to play games like galaxy on fire, deep submarine odyssey, rally master pro and blades n magic (I was a massive fishlabs fan at the time, but games like sola rola also deserve a shout out).

    I still have this phone to this day but unfortunately with a smashed screen

  3. You know I thought the name Sony Ericson was familiar to me and then I saw a picture of a walkman flip-phone and it immediately hit me, they were my first cell phone. It had a camera too I don't recall it being very good but the video mode was capable of being paused instantly. So I used that to make stop-motion.

  4. Seeing you go through the phone's UI is hitting me with so much nostalgia. I had the same phone model growing up, along with the K750i. I, unfortunately, lost it when the repairperson my dad sent the phone to disappeared and stole the phone along with it, which is probably one of the most frustrating memories I had because I loved the phone a lot lol. I always liked Sony Ericsson phones, that's really the only phone brand my family was ever loyal to. My K750i even last so long from my middle school years until my final high school years (and it's only because I was forced to switch to a smartphone).

  5. I have ditched my smartphone and I'm using a Sony Ericsson k750i, the camera is 2.0mp I only take this with me now on street photography sessions and it keeps on delivering the 🔥 I can zoom into the shots at 200% and at no point does it look like a painting unlike these so called modern flagships. Also the joystick on these phones is amazing for a bit of mobile Galaga.

  6. все началось с к750, но когда начали выходить более старшие модли, сони стали ухудшать характеристики предыдущих за счет новых прошивок, что бы они не конкурировали так сильно

  7. This was 2nd phone. First symbian. I loved it and used it for nearly 4 years. I still have it even though it doesn't work anymore. The best phone I had till date ❤️
    And that mini golf and tennis game on this phone. Still there is nothing similar to that mini golf on Android.

  8. Thank you for creating such a type of videos. Less and less are interested in the old mobile technology. Nobody wants to go back to the time, WHEN PHONES WERE FUN.

  9. One of the best devices I ever had. Was ultra cool and ahead of its time. Not to mention, absolutely bulletproof! The C902 was it's true bond successor 2 years later.

  10. i remember selling my Moto Razr just so i can afford the then new K750i. It was quite the thing. The camera was awesome, the joystick was easy to use too and that camera cover was…well, everyone was noticing when you were about to use it 😀 Later i got the W810i. Also great device with amazing sound – and the earbuds – ah! I miss these kinds of phones.

  11. The logo of Sony Ericsson is still in the hearts of the people of India. Sony mobile phones should be launched in India soon. Millions of people still love Sony very much.

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