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  1. I got the Mous case for my 7 Pro, but when I attached my Anker 521 wireless power bank it would not charge the phone. Not sure if the issue is the case or the charger?

  2. In my opinion, to stop the scratching on the visor a skin does a good job! Only issue is that it covers the shiny finish but itโ€™s a trade off Iโ€™m willing to take

  3. Hello everyone,
    Issue with the 'pixel 7 pro' , where voice of all adults is heard by the caller, but they can't hear the voice of our toddler .. this is so weird.
    Even the 'clear calling' is disabled in the 'sound and vibration' settings.
    Google should keep things simple, do not over use AI and without extensive testing.
    I wanted to like this device !
    Fix by end of Q1 2023 – that's like next 3-4 months.
    It is not a simple bug to ignore.. if you cannot hear your child's voice over a call, it's a serious problem. This has to be escalated and fixed ASAP..

  4. Totally agree with all your sentiments, My wish was google had 3 phones in the lineup. 1) 6.1" non `pro` phone with upto 90Hz refresh rate. 2) 6.1" pro phone (upto 120hz and with telephoto lens) and 3) The current Pixel 7 pro. I disagree how you overlooked Pixel 7 altogether in this video.

  5. I have tried a few phones I do like iPhone but tbh iPhone 13 pro max or 14 pro max are similar but both good. I returned them then tried fold 4 really good phone I think Issue I have is just the feeling when you use the phone unfolded just feels odd because of how chunky it is, only doudts I had, have decided to return as I have it on a monthly contract but will swap it for the pixel 7 pro did try 6 pro last year had a few issues but the 7 pro.has caught my eye, also I will be paying so much less. I really want to keep the pixel for a while hopefully it is the phone for me.

  6. As a long time Samsung owner, I didn't know what to expect untill my son bought the 6 earlier this year. So yesterday I bought the 7 pro. Let's see how it goes.

  7. So if you txt with iOS iPhone then use pixel. Doesnโ€™t that mess with txt messages? How do you connect with most people if switching btwn phones

  8. I ordered this phone yesterday. I wish you could get a smaller version as well. But it was only $20 more expensive that the non-pro version, because of a really good sale.

    I'm coming from the S20, so hopefully I'll get used to the size.

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