Sony Xperia Tablet Z vs iPad 4: Hands-on

Sony Xperia Tablet Z vs iPad 4: Hands-on

Sony Xperia Tablet Z vs iPad 4: Hands-on. The Xperia Tablet Z and iPad 4 are comparable in price, but is that where the …


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  1. I would like to see any shiny surface that, when touched, isn't a fingerprint magnet.. I would like this criticism to be dropped from every device…gets old

  2. Has anyone else ever noticed that most review when comparing an android device to an Ipad, they tend to only compare the areas where the ipad wins.  When they do compare an area where the android wins they down play it by saying it's not as beneficial. The xperia Z has a better camera, but who uses this anyway just get a real camera.  The xperia Z is lighter, but Apple focuses on making their devices more premium looking, so this won't be a killer for you. The xperia Z has a screen coating for fingerprints, but is still a fingerprint magnet, I didn't hear him saying anything negative about the ipad ie. it as well is a fingerprint magnet.

  3. Sony XPeria also has USB! and the ability to use your Playstation controller on the Unit to play Playstation games. Now that is more then awesme.

  4. One thing the Sony Xperia Z certainly does have in common with every other smartphone out there is the fact that it is a pure magnet for fingerprints. You'll struggle to keep it clean all day long without either surgical gloves or a can of Mr Sheen in your bag. However this isnt the case with the other thing…

  5. The price could be a sticking point – the cheapest variant is £400/$500, while the 16GB, 4G-ready version is a wallet-punishing £500/$680. The 32GB WiFi-only version sits in the middle, retailing for £450/$600. Still, if you're not bothered about 4G connectivity then the entry-level offering is perfectly decent – if you feel that 16GB isn't enough space you can always buy a cheap MicroSD card to boost that amount.

  6. The Sony Xperia Tablet Z is a super-light device designed to take on the iPad with a quality screen and innovative features.
    Highly glossy glass on the front made from toughened, scratch-resistant glass. There is little here we can criticize, other than the fact that the screen is sometimes too bright. Even on just normal tasks, like web browsing, the color is spot-on. It's not too bland but also not overly colorful.
    Check it out!!

  7. As the tablet market continues to surge, Apple is undoubtedly facing increased competition from its rival vendors. Microsoft, Amazon and Samsung have upped the ante when it comes to design, display quality and overall hardware, making Apple’s iPad Air launch more crucial than ever.

  8. I have the Tablet S (older tablet) and I'm at college too dong IT, it works great it is everything you would want from a tablet, I have used the Z as well, it is amazing, perfect for doing work and personal use. I recommend the Xperia Tablet Z, much better than an iPad. Someone in my class has one, we did a comparison and the Xperia won hands down, it was faster, and better for mobility.

    Hope I helped you make a decision!

  9. I have a Sony Xperia S and a Tablet S (Old flagship phone and tablet) and for everyday use the screen is perfect, and since my devices it has got a lot better, especially with the new Z1 and Tablet Z, the screen is amazing along with the camera, but I do think that they need to switch to IPS and/or AMOLED, it would just make the phones stunning. They are already much better than any iPhone, and a better screen would just put it so far ahead of Apple.

  10. if apple just make the ipad 5 support flash and u can download anything from the (internet browser) music,video,movies…etc
    no one will buy android tablets

  11. I wouldn't personally go with Sony as they haven't got the best screens in any of their devices yet. But since I find Apple to be very irritating with their limited function and configuration, not to mention the lack of memory expansion for the price. Bluetooth that isn't even compatible with most third party devices. If you are going to use it just for web surfing or light usage then iPad is ok but if you are a tech geek like me then iPad is a no go but my recommendation would be Samsung Galaxy

  12. The only problem with Sony is the lack of a great screen. They are still using TFT which is old school, once they make the switch to IPS or Amoled, they will have a much bigger clientele.

  13. I'm saving now to buy one of these.. But i'm having a hard time choosing which one… I will mostly use it for college to view the exercices pdf's and informations they put in college's sites but i will also use it for apps and games.. I'm more inclined for the ipad can someone tell me which one is the best for my case?

  14. when i say ''Games'' i mean like will the tab get fast hot when i play too much? it is laggy? will the tab get fast laggy or hot? sorry just forgot to explain more lol 😉

  15. for youtube and facebook every tablet out there is good… If you want something you can play REAL games on save up some money and buy a laptop hybrid and if you're not familiar with that then il explain it to you like this: It has a tablet as a screen but you can flip the screen and close it like a laptop and it becomes an all out tablet

  16. Sony xperia tablet z is most selling because of it´s waterproofness, while the iPad is most selling because of itś better system.

  17. I bought one Aug 4, 2013 and it is already dead. Techs say that it has a cracked screen (after under two weeks of minimal use with no drops or hits) after I sent it to Sony store to find out why the charging craddle wont charge while USB will and screen won't respond at all.
    DO NOT BUY THIS THING. THE FULL WARRANTY IS CRAP. Did not even live to test out waterproofness which is why I bought this expensive thing to begin with.
    That said I have no comments to make re comparison to iPad.

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