Important New Samsung Update for Galaxy Smartphones – What's New?

Important New Samsung Update for Galaxy Smartphones - What's New?

A new update has started to roll out for Samsung Galaxy smartphones. Update includes many security fixes and improvements to …


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  1. Saki !! Yep, had to update the Google play protect. Would NEVER know this stuff, without your knowledge and tutorials. Thanks a ton.
    Cheers from Detroit 🇺🇲

  2. Great video – as normal! My Samsung S22 Ultra shows it got the CWE1 update on May 19th. 402mb in size. Sounds like the same one you did here. Per the phone, there are no further updates available. Strange that your Z4 is showing it now and it appears I got it several weeks ago.

  3. Hey @sakitech will you make a video about beta One Ui Watch 5?

    Oh and It would be nice if you could show information in the corner like @zollotech about devices for which an update is available and what other updates has been released on other devices.

  4. Good morning, iam upgrading from s10e to s22, i cant afford to loose anything, what is the best backup there is. Thank you for your help

  5. Hey Mr Saki , have u noticed that 1 of these updates have taken away text messages background change ability? I have a 22 ultra. Please let me know if I'm overlooking something. Thanks.

  6. Do any of these address & actually fix the drastic blur for S23+, S23? It's a hardware issue according to Samobile & other reliable sources, including Samsung. TY!

  7. My s22U has lagged and slowed down since the past update. Hopefully this fixes it when we get it because it worked perfect till the last update or two.

  8. Google does many updates – which cannot be declined- then your phone stops sending up to 30 MMS, etc…

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