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  1. I remember in one of my last matches; I wanted to play Gadget someone said she was a terrible hero and we were going to lose, I carried the team.

  2. Thanks for the great game breakdown. I once lost to a gadget on legacy after she took off all her cards. I have never been dunked on harder.

  3. The best part about her was getting a sticky mine on a kallari trying to you then watching run away like a bitch as they got killed by it.

  4. "oh shit sticky mine!" is my most used response when getting one stuck on my head. along with "oh come on! this is the 50th time this match!"

  5. Dude, you have no motherfucking idea how much I hated this character and her stupid sticky mines. But on a side note… my hatred for this character forced me to get really good at dodging them since I mained midlane

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