BEST VIRTUAL REALITY GAME EVER | Onward Military VR Simulator !

Get HTC VIVE here: and play the best VR First person shooter ever: ↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓↓ open up for more info…


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  1. I am a Virtual Reality artist, and musician, does anyone want to meet in VR and make something? Build a world, teleport across the universe? Hit me up

  2. I can't wait for 5-15 years from now. Hopefully there will be motion capture vr gloves and the ability to take real guns and use them in game with special vr rounds or something.

  3. Should at least have a realistic looking virtual gun you can hold instead of 2 hand held controllers like your "pretending" to hold an invisible gun….doesn't matter how realistic or how good the graphics are now or in the future…..this will never be fun to me until they have a realistic looking gun with sensors in the barrel and mag and THEN I'll play the shit out of this stuff…

  4. Believe it or not, you can shoot an M249 with one hand. Given their weight and small caliber, they do not have much recoil at all. Is it practical? That is another issue.

  5. A 'noobtube' will solve the problem of not having something physical to hold & put up the your shoulder. I made one out of wood, it's my last video. I'll link it, but it'll prob get put in your junk…

  6. Saw the start and wondered why Stevie Wonder needed VR, Dafuq?!

    BTW Combat VR games are not gonna work until someone brings out proper VR gun controllers that feel realistic, waving those 2 single controllers about isn't going to feel immersive.

    Nice to see it's another game attacking Middle Eastern people cos that's like the new hobby innit? …and isn't this just Arma?

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