26 Upcoming VR Games of 2018 | Best New Virtual Reality Games on the Oculus, Vive, and PSVR

Presenting a list of the 26 Virtual Reality games to be released on the HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PSVR. These are all the best VR Games that are coming this 2018. Support this channel by clicking…


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  1. Hey DUDE. Not interested in your personal comments or feelings just do a review. You're like all the so called journalists, instead of just reporting the facts you interject.

  2. your lists are always the worst out there… for example: where is "contagion vr: outbreak"? – you can already play the demo on steam and its SO AMAZING in all aspects!!!

  3. I love VR and its great. but they need to start making quality games for it. It reminds me of what happened to the PS Vita. We are paying anywhere from $5-$60 and its not even a finished product, but more of a demo. there are a few great titles that are full games. but nothing pisses me off more than spending $15 to $20 on a game just to find out it was a 10 min demo. plus a lot of the developers need to work on the graphics side and making the games look a lot better. Disney's Coco looks stunning as well as Robo recall and both of these are free. If developers just keep making shit and charging good money for it. It's going to die out just like the Vita did.

  4. Hi whatoplay! you So Great!
    I hope you can introduce games that are scheduled to be released after this video!
    For example, A VR game โ€œ Throw Anythingโ€ is gonna launch soon and I am highly expecting it.
    If you don't mind, take a look!

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