iPhone SE review: A simply brilliant palm-friendly phone

iPhone SE Review: Has Apple been smart here? Looked at the way people are using phones and realised there’s a massive market for a certain form factor – one that’s not only not being serviced…


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  1. Great review. Stupid details like "the power button rattles" are EXACTLY what I want in a review. It's the difference between having actually tested the thing, like you have, and looking at pictures or testing in stores, like I am. 🙂

  2. I'd like to see this body go further. Like designs based off of that to sort of give more options vs the old antenna band or rounded everything design

  3. GodDAMN, you're whiner. And that British accent is completely annoying. The reason the SE isn't rounded is b/c rounded edges suck as they are slipperier and more prone to being dropped and therefore damaged. Damn man; use your head.

  4. I’ve always owned android phones but we all know android os is RAM HUNGRY it starts slowing down after 1-2 years after a new android os is put out within 2 weeks 18% of all android phones get the update but for iOS within 2 weeks 66% of all iPhones get the update the se is my first iPhone and I’m loving iOS 11 can glitch up at times but is is not even close to a old android os

  5. I Replaced my galaxy s5 with the iPhone Se about 2 months ago and can only describe it as a pocket rocket that does everything I need pretty well. The Camera launches quickly but the small screen is difficult to see in bright sunlight, however all photos are of a high standard and automatically download to my iPad mini which is a big plus and I can also view all content on the big screen via my Apple TV box. Speaker phone is clear and Siri handles phone calls, navigation and most other requests with aplomb…I hope that one day we will see iphone se2 with a 4.7”-5” he screen or an iPhone X mini….

  6. Why push a change in the body design?? It just adds cost and won't make the phone operate any better!! The design is classic, and very solid looking. It's a PLUS in my view.

  7. I just bought my Iphone SE 32GB on the 30th of Novemeber 2017 and i love it, Yea it's small but i came from a 5.2inch screen and couldnt reach all corners with one hand use so i love this smaller screen size..

  8. Because the old design is freaking awesome. And people bought it, including myself, because we love the design of the five and 5S. I hope they come out with another one with the iPhone X specs inside.

  9. I do miss something that size yes. and I think it is a great idea. Considering buying one as they are also cheaper than the average iphone with all the new advantadges.

  10. I don't get why people prefer to hold such a slippery phone? The blocky design is way better, in my opinion, you are way less likely to drop it because you can grip it way better. Sorry, but I don't want to feel like I'm holding a bar of soap.

  11. Got it for like 225 USD 32GB(definitely a steal) recently,
    And I thought it was defective or fake because of the wobbly power button.
    Now I feel good, knowing that I'm not the only one:p

  12. Apple may have gone with it because iPhone 5 is the last one tha Steve Jobs worked on from concept to final design. I like the look and prefer feel of it.

  13. Dear TechRadar. Hope this message finds you well. I recently had purchased an iPhone SE 64GB (about 4 months ago), and last week I dropped it unknowingly (with a silicon sleeve & tempered glass in place). I was asked to pay 200$ for fixing it, because there was an internal damage too. I wondered what went wrong constantly, it barely fell 2 feet to the ground. Ever since then, I am having differing thoughts about the iPhone SEs sturdiness. Should I fix it paying 200$ or I am planning to get myself a BB Keyone. What would you suggest ?
    Note: Is it just me – or is there anyone else having a battery drain issue after ios11 updates. ?!
    I appreciate your comments. Regards.

  14. I want one really badly but my parents have samsung and they're all like we have samsung so why would I buy you an iPhone
    How do I convince them.

  15. Still using this phone and every time i use i just love it more. Less is more at its best. Battery is great and the size is absolutely perfect. Would buy iphone se 2 without thinking. Fuck those big ass phones with millions features that u will never use.

  16. I'm definitely in that niche market, by keeping the design and screen of the iPhone 5s, Apple have brought into the market their best value for price phone ever. That design is, to date the best Apple have given us, if it ain't broke, why fix it?
    What I wanted was the most powerful possible phone, at the cheapest possible price, that I could use with one hand.
    Of course Samsung Galaxy offers better screens, but that's not a deal breaker to me, having a phone running on iOS is.

  17. They now do a 128gb se and I have bought it it fits in my tiny hands perfect a design classic and works without problems love it x

  18. It's all about form factors. Once you have a design that is a hit with the public, if you can keep using it but improving internals then you are onto a winner. Let's be honest here, Apple have no competition in midrange segment of the market for overall experience and this coming from a non-iOS user.

    For example: if the next SE was exacty the same size but they increased it to 4.3" screen, it will sell bucket loads for everyone who don't want to move to 4.7/5".

    Or even more surprising, if the next SE was fitted into an iphone 4s body with a 4" screen then we will see a lot of Android device makers drop out of the market.

  19. Team Android.
    But T-Mobile was giving me one for "free" after my sister bought an iPhone 7 on my plan so I said "why not?"

    I've loved every second of the 3 months I've owned my galaxy S8 for now and I can already feel the disappointment of trying this tiny phone out, but now none of my iPhone friends can say I didn't own an iPhone myself now, right?

    NB – I'm not being super dismissive of the phone before trying it, I'm just looking at the things I want and use regularly like wireless charging and I thought my friend's 6s screen was small when I used it and it just feels like I'm taking a step back. But I'm still giving it a fair chance

  20. The flat edges are much better and to me, I think the iPhone 6/7 actually look more dated than the 5S. Also, I owned an S7 Edge for a year before moving to the SE and I don't regret anything, the screen is less saturated and has worse black levels but that first part is preference and the latter is not too important on a phone. SE screen still has a high PPI and due to diminishing returns you won't notice a big difference when changing from the 500+ PPI of the S7 anyway.

    Here's the kicker: My S7 Edge deteriorated in less than one year, the screen's coating wore off faster than any device I've ever had. It became constant moisture/oil marks so I traded it in to cover an SE. Zero regrets.

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