Hogwarts Legacy: Harry Potter Movies vs Game Comparison

Hogwarts Legacy: Harry Potter Movies vs Game Comparison

Check out our Hogwarts Legacy vs Harry Potter movies comparison. Hogwarts Legacy lets us walk around the iconic magical …


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  1. You obviously dont know the first thing about the castle. Youre comparing one courtyard in movie to a different one in game. Are ign staff just windowlickers these days

  2. This movie franchise was basically my whole childhood summed up,i was roughly the same age as Harry and also grew up as he grew up😅

  3. I'm glad to see the comments section being so positive. After all the recent negative backlash at the game because of connections to JK Rowling I'm glad people can still show positive support for an amazing world and franchise so many of us grew up with

  4. Played the first hour last night and my face hurts from having a smile on it the ENTIRE time.
    The into
    The thestrals
    The shot of the owl flying over the Hogwarts express and flying toward Hogwarts

    “Chefs kiss

  5. Was never a fan of the series and most likely won’t get the game but it must be so incredible to see a movie world you grew up with be fully actualized and playable!

  6. Its pretty commendable that they took what worked for the movies and kept it but made minor tweaks that make them so much better than the one we have seen in the movies. The Gryffindor common rooms for example look so much cooler in the game then the movies!

  7. 90s kid are so lucky, growing up watching harry potter, every year harry potter fans are so excited for a new chapter. And that time we dont have smarts phone yet. We enjoyed only music and movies.

  8. This is the game that fans of harry potter wants , to be able explore the whole hogwarts is just a dream, is there school activity in this game attending to class ? Like in a bully the game

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