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  1. people punish this game because of story, pvp and pve yet people enjoy rainbow six siege even though it has no campaign and is highly repetitive cmon wake up people.

  2. If you're watching this now you have a right to know that currently destiny 2 is in a dead state as of February 2017. It's filled with controversy lootboxes, all of its content creators have left. And the new Dlc added very little to help it. It lacks replay ability and suffers from a major player power problem. If I had to score it now it would be more like a 6. However there are more updates on the way so defiantly re check that.

  3. I wish some people would realize that it's not Bungie's fault it's Activisions. if you think about it, all of bungies content was good until they made a 10-year agreement with Activision and Bungie even said that the original story was redone by Activision for Destiny 1

  4. 8.5? are you guys insane?! the story is crap the characters are awful the only good thing is the gameplay otherwise this is a sh*t game!

  5. I’ll wait for the game if the year edition that has all the dlc on it lol plus I have to wait anyone since I have no friends to play with on Xbox

  6. Do I need to play destiny 1 to play 2? I started playing destiny 1 but did it really get it, but I heard from people that destiny 2 was really good.

  7. Reading through a script about how great the game is. Yet most of the "new" content is through eververse engrams. Of course its nothing but simple skins or armor. I really wish this game had something more than the same old excuses bungie keeps making.

  8. I'd give this game a .5/10. This game is one of the worst fps game that i have ever played. The story was trash,the exotics were trash,and most of the enemies,weapons and armor are nothing more than re-skins. Bungie is the new EA.

  9. Hey guys how do you collect the items that enemy releases when they die? I can't seem to pick it up…i just got this game for free from my gtx1080 purchase

  10. Watch good reviews on angryjoeshow this is crap! "Story Drivin" ???? Skyrim had more understandable and driven story than this piece of unclear google lore searching game! Every damm conversation had a reference to lore, do they really think a want to take up my phone an search every goddamm word and read pages of lore!

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