Face Your Darkest Fears In VIRTUAL REALITY! ( NEAR FAINTING ) Face Your Fears Gameplay

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    I definitely agree man Hardcore Henry would make for one heck of an epic VR game for any console also too given the anime was based off an actual virtual reality game S.A.O ((aka))=Sword Art Online. an have it set up for actual in game voice chat like mobiles are beginning to do. but however unlike the show there's a logout button LOL if you have ever seen it. If you haven't it's an MMORPG that the anime is based around. and in the beginning what happens is everybody across the world logs in to the server the headgear pretty much help determine what your in-game characters going to look like and you can kind of set it up some what, but it also matches your actual Real life body structure an such. not very far into the first episode The Players all learn and find out that they can't log out and essentially they're fighting for their survival and what they have to do is a guild or an alliance of guilds have to work together to clear all the floors of the dungeon in order to beat the game bringing back the LOG OUT button. the only other way to leave is by death an if you died in game you actually died in RL. (so take that minor glitch out so we can log in and out freely an no body dies) hehe for me I don't think IF that game (S.A.O where to come out in VR that I would ever log out ???. ntm if it was literally like the T.V series World Of Warcraft would no longer be the top rated MMORPG

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