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  1. Sony's probably goina make the PS5 multiple VR headsets for the same console but I would doubt that's going to happen cause how much space you need

  2. The forward facing camera(s) could be useful to be able to actually see your keyboard. I skipped the first gen of VR. And this version while impressive, is still way too expensive. But when the full on second gen vive's show up with even higher resolution and hopefully a lower price of entry…. I'm in! I can't wait to play stuff like DCS World in high resolution VR.

  3. Where do half of these facts even come from the god rays a are worse the base stations n controllers cost more n there was a few other points i just thought what?

  4. Nah I’ll stick with my original Vive I got for 600$ that included the 2 cameras…not worth it at all just for a resolution bump…I’ll wait till 2nd gen VR tech comes out to upgrade

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