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  1. This game is piggybacking off of Hideo's nostalgia and milking his series.. The game is clearly a repetitive stimulus-driven with micro dopamine releases.

  2. Wow, this woman, first thing she says "This game is weird" Calls the game boring and tedious, stripped of its personality and humor within the first 20 seconds. Great reviewer.

    Not. Sort it out IGN ffs, for too long you have given incorrect shitty reviews!!! How can you still be getting it wrong after SO MANY years!

  3. Yeah, Metal Gear is the unique product of Kojima's unabashedly over-intricate story craft, coupled with colorful characters forged in the most intensely Japanese sub-conscience of all time, melded with out of the box game-play decisions that no reasonable person would make. Without that magic, you've got an outdated reboot of Splinter Cell.

  4. this game deserves a 0/10, it's a complete disgrace to the metal gear franchise and a waste of a good engene

  5. Never seen so many kids bitching about a game, it's actually a pretty good game, stop following everyone else who complain about it being bad and make up your own opinion. -.-

  6. This is the moat I've seen of the game so let say this.
    As a Survival game this looks rather interesting.
    As a Metal Gear game… This is dirt stuck on the dirt stuck on the gum on the bottom of my boot.

  7. WOW! 6.5? That’s a real disservice to your viewers. Just spent the last few hours playing this and don’t know how anyone can go above a 4. You know you used “hours of tedium” in your vid?

  8. After Battlefront 2 i wont ever buy a game that has microtransactions. dlc and stuff like that is ok as long as the first game feels complete. GTA V is living on the edge but thats where i draw my line.

  9. Looks to be the same thing as MGSV…. Another disappointing game.

    I never want to see an open world MGS game again. They should really just remake the original 2 that were on the MSX and call it a day. Leave this franchise alone, Snake and Big Boss have retired and this series deserves a proper send out.

  10. Whoever reviewed this was extremely nice, I mean she could've just come out and said the truth, that the game is total bullshit, the story is crap, the combat is crap, but she was nice about it…

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