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  1. It's a fantastic game, it's my first MH game and I'm truly enjoying every second of the core gameplay. It looks beautiful on the X. However, there is one issue that is giving me major problems. The connection, on the Xbox it is horrendous. I never like anyone in my world when I face a boss for the first time, I've been spoiled by Souls to know you take the boss on the first time solo. But I like to take breaks and help other players or hunt with other players. There have been times where it literally disconnected every 5 minutes. It was so frequent that I finally stopped trying to join other worlds for awhile. I've recently started trying again and it seems to be getting a little better but it is still unstable. I really hope they fix this, because this is a game of the year contender. No question.

  2. Overrated game. The gameplay has terrible framerates. And its too simple. You are overwhelmed with all these items that keep glowing around the map. You waste a whole lot of time trying to find footprints of monsters you need for stronger material. Then when you attack the monster, it is just a framerate mess. The charactors are way too cheesy and makes it feel like a childrens game. I could go on and on about how this game is bad. There are so many factors that make me want to switch to a different game. Dont buy it.

  3. This game is ok but the clunky combat and it takes forever to drink a health potion also sharpening your weapon sort of annoys me

  4. Upon booting up the game on my xbox one x, it asked me if I wanted to prioritize graphics, resolution, or frame rate. This is my new favorite game and I'll be playing it for a very long time. Congrats capcom. You made a new fan.

  5. Looked at a few videos for this now and I’m intrigued by it but still not sure I’ll like it. I didn’t care much for the Witcher but I love Skyrim and fallout. Could anyone offer advice based on that towards this game?

  6. do you think Capcom is redeeming themselves from the shitty business practices done in the past? I mean, they launched RE7 and this game, I´m beginning to regain hope

  7. 5 areas and only 20 something large monsters. Nearly no difference in weapon appearance… this is the most anemic mh game to date. On release this is one of the worst mh games.

  8. I got 3 more questions:
    1. Correct me, if Im wrong. But it's never a good choice to mount a monster with the hammer right? I can only deal 1 damage per hit because my hunter only strikes with his knife.
    2. Why would anyone use the LBG over the HBG? Isn't the HBG like almost in every case the overall better weapon?
    3. Also how do I increase my Hunter rank? Only with investigations?
    Thanks in advance.

  9. Never played any monster hunter before but this game is absolutely phenomenal, more games need to be like this… so much content and free DLC to come.

  10. The streamlining of items lost it's complexity, The streamlining of Combat lost it's difficulty, The streamlining of quests and environmental support lost it's completion time and end game.
    This game is perfect, but lost it's hardcore element as a monster hunter game.

  11. Anyone else noticed that no one legit knew about this game series until it came out for ps4 now everyone talks as if they played it when it was born it's so aonnying

  12. I’m not really into monsters (I find them shallow & pedantic), and I’m not really into hunting (I don’t like killing), but this game seems interesting. I might get it, just to watch. Never to hunt.
    I’ll never go back to being that girl.
    That…killer. ???

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