Tesla Model 3 Impressions!

I drove Tesla Model 3 and I liked it. These are my full thoughts and impressions! Full Tesla event: https://youtu.be/vzT0uNT0ds8 Correction: Full autonomous driving option is $3000, not…


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About the Author: Marques Brownlee


  1. I think Americans expect ostentation in their luxury. But I remember how weird the iPhone was when it first came out. People quickly got used to it

  2. With 100% of the controls on the touch screen, I imagine a lot more attention is taken away from the road. That seems a bit dangerous, especially for models that don't have autonomous driving.

  3. you forgot to say that the main reason/ concept is that is made with the idea of car sharing (Tesla Network) and also fully autonomos as you mentioned.
    so any buttons like clovebox could be things that people that share your car, could brake or wear from extensive use.
    And having a button for a glovebox means people could access it. you might not want that.
    And the car also have a cabin facing camera to eventually monitor the people inside when shared. when you look at it that way the design makes more sense.

  4. Wish I could afford one of these cars these cars are amazing and if i could afford one i would totally support the company and buy one

  5. These cars are horrible looking. They look like Mazdas. Why can’t they create something unique? The technology is there but it looks too much like a cheap Mazda.

  6. Does it gather speed limit, stop signs, yield signs, etc in automous mode from online data pools, or does it actually read the street signs live??

  7. I think having all the ugly knobs everywhere looks bad and they break easily so doing everything from the screen is a plus. somethings may take a little more time and getting used too, IMO is a better design.

  8. Would be interesting to know how the range of the car drops over time…so after three years do you only get half the range? Do you get any warrantee on range/battery life?

    Can you replace batteries without gutting the thing?

    Parked in the sun itll get to 140 degrees in there, that lcd screen might melt in the sun placed up there like that. Can you read it in the sun?

    Sure is a beautiful design

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