10 Largest SUV Cars with up to 9 Passenger Seats (2018 Buyer’s Guide)

Humongous, immense, enormous, gargantuan, massive and huuuge, these are just a couple of adjectives that could be used to describe full-size SUVs that will be featured in this video. So if you are a fan of luxury yachts on wheels or have just always dreamt about a car that you could fit your entire house in stick around for a little longer. We will show you the best full-size sport utility vehicles on the market today.


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  1. USA man like big cars because everybody who like big cars has small dic….., that is why we European people must fly so often to USA to make their wifes satisfied and fuc….. until they run in their big suv with small size engine in they pans…..hahahaha

  2. instead of including a Buch of remakes like the Yukon, suburban, Tahoe, and escalade, you should have taken a couple out and actually put different models like the GX460…

  3. I have seen suburban models with a bench seat in the front, that would make it a 9 passenger. I think that is a great idea where the middle console can fold up to be a middle seat in the front row. I wish all suv would have that option,

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