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  1. I see nothing differnt if they took a couple of years to make it and add real improvement then it will be a true sequel

  2. is playing with AI now actually fun ? Madden 11 had a horrible AI and that pretty much ruined the game. I won the Super bowl in that game but it wasn´t that much fun. =/

  3. Madden looks and plays the same every year, how the developers haven’t even managed to make it look like a real game of football by now is beyond me, bring back NFL 2K looked and played better than this garbage!

  4. EA needs competition with these NFL games or else were going to get the same crap . Been the same game since Madden 15 smh can we at least get a 2k NCAA football game !? Sheesh

  5. how do the same games every year always get the same score? wouldn’t they lose points for being too similar to previous releases?

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