Top 10 Fastest Family Cars for 5 Passengers (2018 Buyer’s Guide)

The 2018 model year BMW M5 supersedan has received an updated 600 horsepower engine that is tasked to strengthen BMW’s position at the top of the class, however other manufacturers are also trying to stay ahead of the game and produce their own four-door saloons with mind blowing horse counts under the hood and incredible speeds. The competition is getting even more intense with electric cars like Tesla coming in to disrupt the market with their instant torque and other advantages of electric powertrains. Today we will be putting all these cars next to each other, so that you will be able to decide for yourself which one is the best super sedan on the market today.

For those of you interested in more information about these cars, follow the links below, here is the full list of the autos from the episode:
1. Lucid Air:
2. BMW M5:
3. Jaguar XJR:
4. Mercedes AMG-E63S:
5. Cadillac CTS-V – Hennessey update:;
6. Tesla Model S P100D:
7. Audi RS7:
8. BMW 7 Series:
9. Audi A8:
10. Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat:

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Release date: 8 June 2015


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  2. Lucid air it sounds like a pair of trainers, but that said 1000hp unnecessary would rather have 600hp and a range of 600miles that would be a real selling point.
    Design wise outside nothing special inside looks good in the pic but will it live up to the quality expected at that price after all many car look good but interior quality is often a let down think of the tesla. Come you want charge people Bentley price but give use Toyota interiors think again verdict is still out on the air
    BMW M5 well it just another M5 move on
    Jaguar nice car lost something in it interior department someone need to relook a jaguar interior materials.
    Mercedes E is it they all look the same outside but inside yes they have the interior right!
    Caddy time nice car interior come on GM sort it out
    Tesla inside material quality is poor
    Audi rs7 not good enough Audi they are not as good as the hype
    Bam 7 x drive but a ghost instead
    A8 HAS lost its way inside it's ok outside its another Audi

  3. Audi Rs7 I would choose
    And great video man I'm not your subscriber but still appreciate you for your work and u have taken time to answer some comments that's great not everyone does that and don't mind about negative or bad comments just ignore it and go ahead in your work God bless you

  4. I am thinking is BMW really worth buying?? All other cars look more sporty and stylish both in terms of extetior and interior look, and BMW is hiking up prices like anything. RS7 and Lucid look the best. Dodge and Audi A8 are good cars too and are within the price limit.

  5. the Cadillac CTSV is by far the cream of the crop in this field. it out performs any and all cars on this post. it has the highest top speed and be equipped to blow the doors of any Hellcat. its handling and cornering capabilities are way above the field. remember, practically you're driving a 4 door Corvette Z06. nothing the European can deliver is close to the American standard in terms of pure performance and value for the buck.

  6. how can the Hellcat even be on this list? it only goes fast in a straight line and doesn't handle or corner well enough to be considered one of the world's best. Give me a break. ha

  7. Sorry Automotive Territory: Daily News – But there is a difference between a Brabus 700 and an MBenz AMG E63 – an Brabus 700 starts with an E63 AMG Base and gets modified from there. Thats two different price and performance segments!

  8. YEAH, that's exactly what Youtube needs.
    Another car channel by retarded 20+ basement dweller with undeveloped brain, who can't even ride a bike, didn't finish high school cause he was playing WoW.
    Thank you very much for buyers guide for $100k+ cars, extremly relevant when your net worth is 5$ …. same 5$ your desperate mom gave you yesterday so you won't have to cut your wrists today 😀
    Buyers guide for Lucid Air 😀
    E63 AMG with photo of Brabus @ 04:22 (not to mention there's E63S)
    Tesla Model S can deliver full power for ~3 minutes. At the end of Nurburgring Nordschliefe, it delivers less than 200HP.
    Hellcat is family car?
    What a loser.

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