Top 5 smartphones you can buy today!

What are the best smartphones you can buy right now? We’ve had some incredible handsets come out recently from companies like Apple, Samsung, and Google, and here is our current top 5. To…


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  1. Hello. Could you make a top 5 of battery smartphone please?
    I'm also interested by a phone with great battery life 2-3 days, good photos, good processor, and most of it good reception ?.and not to expensive.
    Could you give me some advice or name of what I am interested?

  2. Please Techradar, we wants a speedtest of all Smartphone 2017. IPHONE X, Xperia XZ1, LG V30, S8+, NOTE 8, mate 10 pro, Oneplus 5t, HTC U11+, pixel 2 XL, RAZER PHONE.

  3. Such a bad video: starting off with a misleading video title. (best smartphone vs. best "value for money") Later on being completely not objective at all. How is OnePlus 5 / 5T not even in the top 5 based on value for money?

  4. How can the number 1 be superior than the iPhone 8 Plus or even better than the google pixel !? Really a big joke this channel ! I’m not a fan boy cause I own an iPhone X and also a note 8 and in my opinion in overall the iPhone is the best one , not only by specs and how fast it is , the amazing cameras that for me is a little better than the note 8 but also a little inferior in comparison to the google pixel ! Cmon really.?…the iPhone’s also has an OS that can give you a lot of experiences like the App Store , iTunes Store ! Not the shit of google play store ! In my opinion the Samsung ‘s devices doesn’t deserves an OS like android! Android is shit and until Samsung’s devices will keep this ecosystem, they will be far away from Apple ! In my opinion the note 8 and the S8 in term of hardware are in superior construction than the iPhones ! Has I said until there the iPhone will be a flagship ! They will be on top for more 4 years !

  5. Value for money?? You're joking. This top 5 is good for anything but value for money. There are phones that are on par if not better than this top 5 for half of the price. You people need to ride Apple's and Samsung's dick a little less. Either that or TechRadar knows nothing about phones.

  6. This is a joke. There are a lot of phones that are way better than the s8. Note 8 is better, 5t is better, v30 is better.

    Ffs, you even considered the s8 to be better than the s8+, that's an insult to the logic.

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