Crypto Market Crash – When Will the Crash Stop? – CryptoCurrency Market News

The crypto market has been seeing a huge crash over the last 72 hours. When is it going to stop? CryptoCurrency News!
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  1. Love your videos, great info. Also I think that in Q2 we'll see a lot of growth in some of the alts that will have stuff going on then.

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  4. That's how I am, I'm to spread out in my positions, unfortunately I don't have enough capital yet to make a difference so I will HODL and get there some day!


  5. A few weeks ago my attention has been drawn by a certain coin. I have started to research on it and was pleasantly surprised with what I have found. It is a totally decentralized community coin. Never had ICO or pre-mine. ASIC mining is not possible to keep it from centralization. It has good technology, very fast network. New blocks issued every 2.5 minutes.
    It already has a very active community, all volunteers. Last september, this coin has been given to the crypto community by an anonymous developer.
    Some might think that it is just another ponzi or s***coin that will go nowhere. Before bashing on it or starting to laugh at its market cap and trading volume, a little bit of reading about it might change your mind. It has excellent founding principles (read the white paper) and a huge potential. It is a very nice community project. It is small, but it has to start some place.

    Some will not like its name, it might not be the most original, but it’s not the name that matters, it’s the concept. Trading at under a penny , it is very undervalued. Once listed on more exchanges, it will grow nicely. This one is a real winner. A coin to be added to all portfolios.
    Number 480 on CoinMarketCap right now (don't laugh). At $0,008050 (0,00000096 BTC). Yes, only 8/10 of a cent… !
    BitcoinZ (BTCZ). There is absolutely no reason for anyone for not owning it. Being TOTALLY DECENTRALIZED, this coin is the very essence of what a coin should be.
    The Website : https:// BTCZ.ROCKS

    A good day to all ! And … Let's go with BTCZ !
    * Traded on and https://Stocks.Exchange .
    It only takes a few minutes to open an account on one of thoses exchanges.

    ** PS: BitcoinZ (BTCZ) is also very easy to mine. You can even mine it on a PC !
    Okay, maybe you will only get a few coins per day, but still. At what cost ? Hardly a few pennies a day for power ??? On the long run the coins will gain in value.
    There are a few videos on here on how to setup a miner. Very easy to do up and fun to see free coins filling the wallet little by little.
    And also by running the full node wallet you help decentralization.
    You can join a mining pool that gives a small percentage to the BTCZ community, it helps it to grow faster: is one of them

    Well, that's it, I have done my BTCZ community work for today ! 😉
    May you join us … And don’t forget to tell your friends about it.

    LIke JFK would say today: Don't ask yourself what YOUR coin can do for you today. Ask yourself what you can do for YOUR coin today !

  6. 4 coins to look at in the next couple of months:
    HelloGold (HGT)
    Coinfi (COFI)
    Covesting (COV)
    Selfkey (KEY)

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  8. The super bowl had me upset. I was telling everyone I have to see this Vibe commercial….:(I hope for a over 2 dollar vibe.

  9. Nobody will really know the exact end, focussing on the infrastructure being built is more important


  10. What are your thoughts on MIOTA? I've heard news about it being V3.0
    BTC: 1LoSNNRWf46rPb1WgTpEr8GFwjnKRMeMWR

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