Crypto Crash: Is The Bitcoin FOMO Over?

Crypto Crash: Is The Bitcoin FOMO Over?

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  1. Take all your money out of the market to include crypto and buy a safe for home storage…………….

  2. Short answer. Is not over far from it. Solana just got hit with a lawsuit expect liquidity and more fear in the market. 14k btc coming

  3. Amazing video this one. So many topics covered. I can only see movement to the downside too. Let's see!

  4. It doesn't make sense for Bitcoin to drop lower than 17k. Because if it does, it just means, Bitcoin will stabilize within the 20k range for the next 5 years. It will slowly become gold. This is the first in the history of Bitcoin to stay this low for weeks. So if it happens, it will change the Bitcoin logarithmic growth we've all been following for a decade now. It is possible for it to go down that low but it will change everything we know about Bitcoin so far and that will highly affect the sentiment of not only ordinary people but big investors as well.

  5. Hey bro. Can you check coinskid”s todays video. Not trying to say who is wrong or right or trying to clash you guys. Just wanna know your thoughts on that on your next video as his TA are totally opposite

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