How Gamers Create A ‘Flow State’ During Esports | Sport Science | ESPN Archives

(November 7, 2016) Revisit when Sport Science welcomed 2016 WCS Winter Circuit winner “Polt” into the lab to examine his multitasking index while playing Starcraft II. Watch ESPN on YouTube…


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  3. very impressive. i always was amazed how starcraft players brains are able to process information at such an impressive rate.

  4. ESports definitely takes a lot of skill but I wouldn't consider it a real sport, just keep the "E" before sport and that very clearly differentiates the two. Sports are played by athletes, ESports doesn't take much athletic ability. ESports is more a competition of mental ability and quick thinking.

  5. Most people don't seem to realize that ESports is considered an actual sport. Much like football, basketball, or even boxing, ESports are driven on brainpower. In physical and virtual sports, you need to strategize your next moves constantly.

  6. Besides the athletic part of the sport, which is more than made up for with the mental exercise in video games, there is practically no difference between esports and sports.

    -Athletes and players devote time, energy, and passion into the game they love.
    -Esports and sports are watched by millions around the world.
    -Players, athletes, and teams get sponsorships.
    -There's the occasional match fixing.
    -Rivalries are formed.
    -Players and athletes trashtalk one another.
    -No matter who won, teams hug it out or in esports say gg.
    -People watching at home from their computers, tablets, phones, TV's are all screaming and cheering for the team and the game they love.

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