Sea of Thieves Review

Rare’s shared-world pirate fantasy is a good foundation that’s fun with friends but bogged down by repetitive grind. Sea of Thieves Graphics Comparison: Xbox One vs. Xbox One X vs. PC https://www….


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  1. So, to simplify: "Fun with friends at first glance, interesting shiny outer coating, but underdeveloped, simplistic and repetitive in its content."

    Hmm, that sounds kinda like an open beta. Did you guys just buy a beta?

  2. How can they justify adding supporting content to this game overtime when xbox got the rights to the game and basically gave it out for free on game pass? How many copies were actually sold?? The game pass must have had a massive impact on the game developers in one way or another.

  3. hahahaha a 7 my god this manchild can't have played many games before this one maby No man sky was his entire experiance of games. This is a shitty game maby a solid 1,5 and that's for the grapthics

  4. Actually, this was a great review from IGN and summarizes my concerns completely. The lack of ship customization and variety was personally a huge kill for me.

  5. God dammit MS! i really am trying to love my xbox one but its so frustrating that the only worthy games thats out on this console are 3rd parties. Yes, we have halo, gears, cup head and forza but damn but those games i can paly with my pc too.. its really not on par on ps4s exclusive titles. i have ps4 too, but i really want to give chance to xbox tho, dont want to sell it or anything. The only use of my xbox one for me is to play my old 360 games.. which i will just straight ahead play on my slim instead of waiting for it to be downloaded.. step it up MS we will be waiting!!

  6. This game has potential to become a great game. to bad they released it when they did with their fingers crossed no one would notice that it’s missing the other half of the game lol. Still have fun playing it but it does get old and repetitive. It is the first game of its kind so who knows maybe a better game can come out of this. The game has some unique concepts.

  7. Your joking right. So it gets a 7 cause it's a good time with friends? Spend $60 to have a good time with friends, this is why your reviews are such a joke.

  8. Only took me a few seconds to see that the art style like watching a saturday morning cartoon is the type that is not to my taste at all.

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